Ownership and Management

 | Post date: 2023/12/8 | 
The Journal of Philosophical Thoughts is owned by Tarbiat Modares University, Iran, and is managed and published by Afarand Scholarly Publishing Institute.

Duties of the Publisher
- All editors of Afarand journals are independent and can make decisions about the articles freely and without any pressure.
- All articles experienced a peer-review process before publishing, and there is no pressure by the publisher on the scientific staff to accept or reject an article.
Afarand is committed to the structural consistency of published articles, and all articles are edited and processed before being published according to the journal exclusive format.
- To help the editors and reviewers, a machine similarity check report (Turnitin) is provided for each article by 
Afarand is responsible for the accuracy of published material. Suppose an error is reported by authors, editors, or readers after an article is published. In that case, it must be corrected appropriately or retracted by the direction of the editor-in-chief.
- All the probable violations of authors, reviewers, and editors are carefully monitored by 
Afarand to observe the best practices of the journal.

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