2023 Special Issue

 | Post date: 2023/10/17 | 
The Editorial Board of HEHP has decided to open a special issue on "Health Education and Promotion in the Post-COVID Era".
All researchers are invited to submit their related articles for this special issue by March 15, 2024
1- The special issue is completely under the supervision of the Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board Members.
2- All the submitted articles are peer-reviewed precisely as the ordinary issues' articles.
3- Please write "Post-COVID Special Issue" on the running title box at the time of submission.
4- The submitted research must have been performed from the beginning of 2021 (According to the decision of the Editorial Board), and the article before that will not be accepted.
5- The articles must be related to the health education and promotion subjects after the termination of COVID-19 and assess the situations and conditions after the limitations.

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