Reference Style Guide

- Mentioning the references in all necessary cases should be fully observed (the referencing guide can be found here).
- To mention a reference, the numbering system should be used (
Vancouver Style). Thus, the references should be listed in the reference list based on the order of use in the main text, and they should be numbered orderly.
- Wherever necessary, the number of the given reference should be in brackets []. If there is more than one number in a [], the numbers must increase from left to right and be separated by ",” (e.g., [8, 11, 42]). If there are more than two following numbers, they must separate with “-“ (e.g., [12, 25, 32-38, 44-51]).

- Notice: the only valid references for scholarly articles are those with peer-reviewed content, which means published articles in not peer-reviewed journals; books, web pages, conference papers, posters, thesis and dissertations, and so on are not appropriate references for scholarly articles. Due to this, at least 80% of the cited references of the submitted articles MUST be published articles in peer-reviewed journals.