Authors' Guide

In the Comparative Law Research Journal system, the author must upload six files (the article text should be in Persian with a comparative aspect):
    a) Main File
    The complete article in Persian along with detailed author information and an English abstract in Word format.
     The author should not make any changes to this file during the peer review and revision process.
     Author information should include the full title of the article in Persian on the first page and in English in the abstract section on the last page.
Full title of the article in Persian and English
Author(s) name(s) in Persian and English (indicate the corresponding author with an asterisk)
Author's field of expertise, academic rank, and the name of the institution or place of employment in Persian and English
Complete contact information for the corresponding author: postal address, landline and mobile phone numbers, fax number, and email address in Persian and English.

    The article, excluding the English abstract, should be 7,000 words. The author should consider the word count at each stage of the review process and after making revisions.
    The English abstract should be placed at the end of the article, after the references, and include the title, authors' names, university addresses, the main text of the abstract, and keywords. The English abstract should be adjusted accordingly during each stage of editing to match the Persian abstract.
    b) PDF File of the Article without Authors' Names (for peer review)
    c) Word File of the Article without Authors' Names (for peer review)
    d) Authors' Commitment Form

    Completion of the commitment form, authorship form, disclosure of conflicts of interest, and adherence to all regulations is mandatory. If the article has been submitted or published elsewhere, a completed commitment form must be provided.
    e) Research Background Confirmation
    Completion of the research background confirmation form by the primary author and uploading it as an attachment is mandatory.
    f) Certification or Similarity Check Report from Iran Paper Website
     Authors are required to provide a certification or screenshot of the similarity check from the Iran Paper website as an attachment during the submission process.
    The article must be a result of the author's research work. Review articles will only be accepted from experienced authors with documented sources. Translated articles will not be accepted.
    The article should include a Persian and English abstract, keywords, introduction, main body, conclusion, and a list of references and sources. Authors must upload accurate information in the journal system, including contact numbers for all authors, and complete all stages of article submission accurately.
    It is emphasized that when listing authors' names and details, the email (university email is mandatory) and, in the case of the corresponding author, the necessary accuracy should be observed. After submitting the article, no changes will be made to the order of names and author details.
    In the case of articles extracted from theses, the relevant information should be included in the footnotes.
    To ensure equal opportunities, the journal refrains from reviewing articles from authors with ongoing or accepted articles in the journal.
    The journal only accepts "scientific-research articles."
    After acceptance, the responsible author must submit a translation of Persian sources into English within the specified timeframe.
For concise article formatting guidelines:
Font, Size, Boldness     Article Sections
Bold Yagut, Size 16 Title
Bold Yagut, Size 12 Persian Main Text
Times New Roman, Size 11 English Main Text
Bold Yagut, Size 9 Persian Footnote
Times New Roman, Size 9 English Footnote
Bold Yagut, Size 13.5 Main Heading (Heading 1)
Bold Yagut, Size 13 Subheading (Heading 2)
Bold Yagut, Size 12 Subheading (Heading 3)
Bold Yagut, Size 12 Persian Sources
Times New Roman, Size 11 English Sources
Title - Times New Roman, Bold, Size 15 English Abstract
Authors' Names: Times New Roman, Bold, Size 11
  Authors' Addresses: Times New Roman, Size 9
Main Text of Abstract: Times New Roman, Size 11