Authors' Guide

Guidelines for Preparing and Compiling Articles
  In order to prevent any delays in the publication of the articles, all contributors are requested to follow the instructions below
1. Articles on Management Research in Iran are accepted by Modares.
2. Papers should not have been published, nor should they have simultaneously been sent for publication in other   journals.                                                                                                                    
3. The official language of Modares is Persian, however, articles in other languages will also be considered for publication.
4. All articles should include: an abstract (220- 250 words in Persian & English), key words, introduction, main body of the text, conclusion and notes and references.                                                       
5. Articles should be research-oriented, and must be the original work of author(s). Reviews by distinguished authors who have already published research papers in the related fields will also be accepted, provided that they are based on multiple references.
6. Articles will be accepted only through the website of Tarbiat Modares University (; the users may send theirs manuscripts by registering to the above journal with users' code.
7. Article should be typed on A4 paper, single sided, 1.5 spacing, regular (preferably thin) font, size 12 (size 10 in Times New Roman for Latin), with 4cm margin on all sides, in Word, Windows XP.
8. Sections to be included in articles:
    a. First Page (both in English and Persian): Title of the paper, author/s’ name (identifying the corresponding author with a star *), affiliation & rank and an address for the corresponding author including mailing & e - mail address and phone & fax numbers.
    b. Second Page: Full title of the paper in Persian; abstract (Persian), key words (a maximum of five, all in Persian), full title of the paper, abstract and key words, all in English.
9. Tables, illustrations, figures, etc. should be added separately. Refer the number of the pictures, tables, figures, etc. and their (possible) position in the body of the text.
10. Put the reference numbers in brackets [  ] in the text and list them in their order of appearance in the references section. Avoid repeating a reference in this section. If a reference is frequently used, include only its number and other additional information in the brackets e.g. referring for the first time: [1, vol. 1, p.6] while referring for the second time: [1, vol.2 p.20]
11. The English equivalent of Persian words (if required) should be provided in a footnote with new numbering on each page.
12. References:
     a. Books: Name of the author/s, title, translator, publisher, place of publication, date, page number.
      Example: [1] Conrad, J., “Philosophy of Law”, New York S&M, 1977, p.43
     b. Articles: Name of the author/s, title of the paper, title of the journal, volume, year, page number.
13. Each submission will be referred unanimously to three referees.
14. Contributors are responsible for all of the contents of their papers.
15. Translations are in no way accepted.
16. The manuscript should not exceed more than 17 pages along with tables, illustrations etc.
17. Papers extracted from theses will be published with the supervisor’s name and responsibility, however; names of advisors and students will be included as co-authors.
18. Modares maintains the rights to accept or reject (and edit) the articles and might not return any submitted papers.
19. Having been published, five off-print copies and one final publication will be sent to each of the author(s).
20. The original copies of the submitted articles will be kept in the office for about three months; thereafter Modares will not be responsible for them.
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