About Journal

Journal of Applied Research of Chemical -Polymer Engineering is one of the TMU Press journals that is published by the responsibility of its Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board in the determined scopes.
The Journal of Applied Research of Chemical -Polymer Engineering is a scientific-research journal dedicated to the development of research achievements in the development of Iranian chemical industry related applied articles. In addition, this interdisciplinary publication is being published in collaboration with various chemical engineering specialties such as chemical engineering and petrochemical processes, inorganic chemistry, biotechnology, isolation, thermodynamics, and in particular polymer engineering. A remarkable point in this publication is the close collaboration between the Tarbiat Modares University, the Chemical Engineering Society and the Polymer Science and Engineering Society, which brought together for the first time in Iran, three scientific legal personages to diversify their expertise and their ability to apply research in related industries. In addition to applied research articles, this journal welcomes the letter to the editor and review articles.

Contact information for the journal office
Journal Address Room 511, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran
Journal Number +92-21-82883517
Fax Number +98-21-82884931
E-mail address Mjarcpe@modares.ac.ir