About Journal

Management Research in Iran is one of the TMU Press journals that is published by the responsibility of its Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board in the determined scopes.
The Modares Humanity Journal, covering varied topics of social sciences is being published intermittently since 1990. It could succeed acquiring the scientific-research status in 1997. Five years later i.e. in 2001 based on the policy to specialize the academic journals by the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, this quarterly started publications in three disciplines of law, management and geography that continued until August 2010.
From August 2010 and based on a new policy of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the Modares Humanity Journal (Management) was given publication permit with a new specialized title. Thereafter, the journal is published as the Management Researches in Iran Quarterly.
The Management Researches in Iran is being published under the License Number 4832 dated 91/06/14 (Iranian calendar) that was issued by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.